“Clarity and insight that can only come from an experienced CEO.”

fiona jolly

Fiona Jolly is a seasoned non-executive director, experienced chief executive officer and expert business consultant. Fiona believes in organisational excellence from the top down and is dedicated to improving your communication, governance, and business operations and outcomes.

A qualified legal practitioner with an executive career spanning over 20 years, Fiona’s knowledge and experience are renowned. Fiona has worked the breadth of government and business, liaising with politicians, media, peak industry groups and not-for-profits.

A wearer of many hats, Fiona is known as a strategist, problem-solver, advisor, mediator and a uniting force. With remarkable intuition paired with a lawyer’s mind, Fiona will chart your course through internal turmoil, media crisis and policy debate toward a high-performing organisation, based on stability and achievement.

Contact Fiona today and experience the clarity and insight that can only come from an experienced leader.