Bringing your most powerful and persuasive voice where it matters.

All organisations are vulnerable to crises at some point, and all organisations benefit from strategic and well-considered communication. If you are in any way impacted by government decisions, work with a board, liaise with multiple stakeholders or need to have your say in the media, Fiona should be at the top of your call list.

Government relations

Fiona brings a wealth of expertise in government relations, advocacy and lobbying. With a strong understanding of government processes, Fiona will work with you to deliver your message across all levels of government and successfully negotiate policy outcomes with decision-makers. A qualified lawyer, Fiona will help you to simplify complex and detailed arguments into a persuasive narrative.

Stakeholder management

Working with various stakeholders and competing priorities often entails delicate communication - this is a space where Fiona shines. Well-versed in putting out proverbial fires, navigating emotionally charged debate and ensuring all parties have their voice properly heard and considered, Fiona is an expert at relationship and reputation management.

Media management and strategy

Fiona’s career working with high-profile organisations and managing dozens of media stories offer assurance of her deft hand and skill in managing communications with the news media. Her sound advice for media management comes from lived-experience that gives her a uniquely informed strategy.

Working with Fiona will ensure your message is always heard above the noise, with the right strategy, processes and support in place during a crisis.

Achieving your vision with ethical and fit-for-purpose governance and leadership

Organisations will struggle to succeed without the proper structure, communication channels and culture to succeed. Fiona’s talent for talent in assessing and understanding all kinds of workplaces puts her in the ideal position to meet your true potential.

Board relations

An experienced Non-executive director, CEO and mentor to many, Fiona is an expert at working with board members and senior executives to better understand working relationships, communication styles, competing priorities, various passion projects and align goals. Fiona provides clear advice and pragmatic ways to improve performance and relationships within the board and between the board and management with a practical eye.

Strategic governance

We all know we’re living in a time of rapid change across all frontiers; in policy areas, regulatory frameworks, emerging technology, political and economic shifts, workforce demographics, and what it means to be a modern workplace.

Involved at Board level for more than 20 years with a range of for-purpose, government and corporate Boards, Fiona will guide your Board into establishing or improving corporate governance. Ensuring your Board is equipped with a fit-for-purpose framework of rules, systems and processes to govern, Fiona will help you to build a board and a team that leads your organisation in an ethical manner, and is focused on achieving value for shareholders, members and the broader community.

Fiona has found the best way to embrace change through thorough consideration and risk-assessment; this includes reviewing current processes, structures and culture before implementing revised versions that prioritise innovation and success. Fiona is an active advocate for workplace diversity, inclusion and flexibility and can strategically promote them within your organisation.

Ethics and integrity

Organisations today must act in line with societal expectations to achieve a positive reputation and brand association. Fiona’s experience in working with businesses to ensure ethical marketing and behaviour, make her an asset in developing strategies and defining activity that reflect the current and emerging ethical expectations of the community and governments.

Fiona holds herself to a robust ethical code, acting with honesty, transparency and an eye on the broader public interest and can cast this eye over business activities and strategy to ensure alignment with community, business and government ethical standards.

Achieving meeting outcomes with a collaborative, strong and independent leader

All workplaces can benefit from an external facilitator at times – someone to bring independence, neutrality and an outside perspective.

Experienced in stakeholder engagement, Fiona can talk to stakeholders, understand their perceptions of your business and design and deliver stakeholder engagement strategy.

Fiona is also highly skilled and experienced at planning and running outcome-oriented meetings, including:

  • Stakeholder consultations
  • Strategic planning sessions with boards and senior executive members
  • Change management workshops
  • Planning days

Fiona will foster rigorous engagement, ensure all voices are heard and participants stay on track in a fun, but focused manner. Fiona’s oversight and involvement lead to effective and timely decision-making by bringing focus with an appropriate agenda, while also allowing participants to build relationships.

If your organisation is struggling to agree on a goal, move past a sticky situation or is ready to extend their reach, contact Fiona today.